A man tortures and murders innocent people… many of them, over and over.  He has no mercy and no remorse.

Our society deems him a psychopathic mass murderer.

He is hated and punished severely with a death sentence.

Humans torture and murder hundreds of billions of innocent beings every year…. with no mercy and no remorse.

The only difference… THE ONLY DIFFERENCE is the victims.

Society has decided that if the victims are humans, the perpetrator is a psychopathic mass murderer.

And society has decided that if the victims are animals, then psychopathic (no mercy or remorse) mass murder is a very good thing indeed.

On the one hand, humans hate psychopathic mass murderers and punish them severely.

On the other hand, when society itself is the psychopathic mass murderer, humans, in their great insanity, justify psychopathic mass murder by devaluing the victims.

So in the brains of the average human being, psychopathic mass murder is both a very bad thing and at the same time a very good thing.  It only depends on who the victims are.

A truly sane and good person understands that psychopathic mass murder is wrong no matter who the victims are.

Humans go so far as to make fun of their victims and laugh at the suffering they are causing… and at the very least, they shrug off the terror and pain they cause their victims.

Are these the actions of a good and sane people?


To anyone who still has a heart… a conscience… empathy… sense of justice… compassion for others… basic decency… logic…….. the answer is “No.”

Humans are obviously neither good nor sane.

Goodness and sanity do not happily commit mass murder.

If you consider yourself a good and sane person, you have to be vegan.  If you are not vegan, then you are a psychopathic mass murderer.

~ Spunky Bunny