Over and over I hear people say that vegans shouldn’t judge and disrespect meat-eaters, or dairy-eaters, or egg-eaters, or people on a “journey”.

Yet meat-eaters (and dairy-eaters, egg-eaters, and people on a “journey”) disrespect and judge animals.

Tell you what, you goddamed meat-eaters (and dairy-eaters, egg-eaters, and people on a “journey”) …

When you STOP disrespecting and judging animals, I will start respecting you.

Your torture and murder of animals is far worse than any disrespectful words of judgement I could ever say to you.

Meat-eaters, you want respect and non-judgement from vegans?

You’ll get it… as soon as you have respect and non-judgement for animals (meaning you be vegan).

You fucking meat-eaters go around demanding we vegans treat you with respect and non-judgement while you treat animals with nothing but disrespect and judgement.


Be the kind of person that earns the respect of others.

Respect is earned.

You do not earn respect by disrespecting others (animals).

When will you fucking meat-eaters finally get some goddamed morals and basic decency?

You are all a bunch of shit-heads that deserve to be treated the same way you treat animals.

Do my words hurt your feelings?

Then think of the hurt you cause animals.  You hurt them far more than my mere words hurt your wittle feelings.

Let’s be straight here people… torture and murder are a zillion times more disrespectful than a few words.



You are the ones who are disrespectful and judgemental.

My words are NOTHING compared to your cages, knives, guns, torture machines, and killing machines.

What pathetic hypocrites meat-eaters are, with their demands for respect while being horrifically disrespectful to hundreds of billions of innocent, sentient beings.

Stop whining about a vegan here or there who says a few strong words while you cause unspeakable amounts of real harm to animals.

Meat-eaters are the biggest HYPOCRITES in the world!… Screaming, “Respect me!”… while they disrespect animals.

Screaming, “Be nice to me!” while being mean to animals.


Meat-eaters, get your heads out of your asses and just do the right thing for a change- Respect Animals.

Now I would like to express my profound and deepest heartfelt RESPECT for all of you who have the basic decency to be vegan.  You have earned respect by choosing to be the kind of person who treats innocent beings (animals) with the respect they deserve.

Only innocent beings deserve respect.  You are not innocent if you pay to have someone kill for you.  So, being guilty of harm towards animals, you have brought my disrespect and harsh judgement upon yourself.

Injustice towards animals MUST be met with outrage!  Injustice towards animals MUST be met with judgement!  Respecting and not judging a horrific injustice can only serve to condone and perpetuate that injustice.