I just read this statement from a “vegan activist”:

“Not that I’m trying to turn my dad into a vegan or anything.  Inspire and educate perhaps, but not force change upon.”

Let’s be clear here folks… what this statement is really saying is, “It’s okay with me if you cause animals to suffer and die because you are my dad and I love you and care about you.  My precious dad feeling the discomforts of a guilty conscience is far worse than animals being tortured and murdered.”

That vegan activist is most definitely a Human Supremacist.

It is my belief that vegans who are also Human Supremacists are absolutely the worst thing for the vegan movement.

In this essay I will attempt to show three things-

  1. A human’s feelings should never take precedence over the pain, suffering, and death animals are forced to endure.
  2. The only forcing being done are the animals being forced to suffer and die.
  3. Discomfort is the driving force behind change.

When people say they “feel forced”… what they really mean is they feel the discomfort of a guilty conscience.  But they don’t have the strength of character to admit they are doing something wrong (harming animals), so they accuse the vegan of doing something wrong.   They are projecting their denied feelings of guilt and shame onto the vegan and trying to make the vegan feel guilty and ashamed for committing the horrible crime of trying to “force” something on someone.  Many vegans play right into this sick psychological game, by accepting the guilt and shame of the nonvegan’s conscience onto themselves.

Many vegans tiptoe around the nonvegan’s conscience for fear of stirring it up and being accused of “forcing”.  When a person’s conscience (sense of right and wrong) is activated, it feels uncomfortable and may even “hurt”.  Guilt and shame are extremely unpleasant and uncomfortable.  But what we must remember is that it is the person’s harmful actions towards animals that is causing their guilt and shame… It is not the vegan causing their guilt and shame!

Any uncomfortable feelings (or stirrings of conscience or guilt) a human has is nothing compared to the misery, hell, pain, and terror animals are forced to feel.

Do you believe that a person’s mild discomfort from making a dietary change is worse than the pain animals feel in being violently tortured and brutally murdered?


My oh my these fucking Human Supremacists have a distorted and twisted view of pain and discomfort.

It’s just like a king sitting on his throne and whining about his chef being out of his favorite food while he simultaneously has his slave tortured to death.

How will people ever take animals seriously and the suffering of animals seriously when vegans make it very clear that a human’s wittle feelings of temporary discomfort over a dietary change are far more important and worse than oppressed animals being tortured and murdered?

Come on you so-called “vegan activists”!  Making people feel good about causing animals to suffer and die is not the answer!

Make them feel uncomfortable.

How else can change be made?

We only make change when we are uncomfortable with our current situation.

We get a different job because we are uncomfortable in our current job.

We move to a different city because we are uncomfortable in our current city.

We start a new relationship because we were uncomfortable in our old one.

It is discomfort that causes change!

We become vegan because we are uncomfortable not being vegan.

If a meat-eater, dairy-eater, or egg-eater finally feels some guilt and shame, those uncomfortable feelings might finally be the driving force that causes them to make a change.

Do you really want people to feel comfortable about causing animals to suffer and die?


Let’s stop minimizing the pain and suffering that is forced upon animals.

And let’s stop exaggerating the temporary discomfort of a person’s dietary change.

Let’s make them feel uncomfortable!  Discomfort is the driving force behind change.

If you eat meat, dairy, or eggs, YOU are forcing innocent animals to live their entire lives in tiny, filthy cages.  YOU are forcing innocent animals onto the killing floor while they fight, scream, and cry for their lives.  YOU are forcing innocent animals to hang upside down while their throats are slashed open.

And you whine about being forced to eat delicious, healthy vegan food?

My god… get some perspective, people.

My message today to you who are meat-eaters, dairy-eaters, and egg-eaters…… your wittle temporary feelings of discomfort over an easy dietary change are not more important than the hellish pain you are causing countless innocent sentient living beings.

Get over yourself already and start caring about others for a change.

Be the good person you think you are.

~ Spunky Bunny