Supremacism is the philosophy that says, “I am superior to others, and am entitled to dominate, control, rule, enslave, torture, and kill those whom I deem inferior.”

The vast majority of humans are Human Supremacists.

And the harm humans cause to the ones they deem inferior (animals) is of epic proportions.

Humans are a species of animal that is biologically frugivorous.  Yet the human species is no longer aware of its own instincts and natural nature.  And it has developed in its complex brain, an outrageously excessive glorification of its own self.

Humanity as a whole is pathologically narcissistic.

Humans are no longer a natural species.  Animals are natural species living in harmony with the natural world.  Somewhere along the line, humans turned into monsters.

Human civilization is unsustainable, it is destroying the natural world, and it is based on the commodification of sentient, living beings.

This monster species has absolutely no respect whatsoever for life.  The enslavement, torture, and murder of innocent, sentient, living beings by the trillions is nothing less than insane and evil.

This is my place where I boldly shout justified outrage over all injustice to animals and demand liberation for all animals.

Animals are thinking, feeling, sentient beings who want to live.

They have just as much right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as humans do.

If you are a meat-eater, dairy-eater, egg-eater, hunter, breeder, rancher, or “on a journey”,  I will call you out on your despicable behavior.  You won’t get any mollycoddling here.  I will not in any way validate or support the harm you cause innocent animals.

You will get no respect for a so-called “personal” choice that causes harm to others.

If you hurt animals you should be ashamed of yourself and you should suffer a guilty conscience.  BUT MOST OF ALL, YOU SHOULD STOP HURTING ANIMALS.

If YOU were being tortured and murdered, would you want someone fighting for you?  Or would it be okay for people to mollycoddle and support your tormentors?

I stand up and fight for the animals…

… against the humans who torture and murder them.

Yes.  I am SpunkyBunny.

~ Spunky Bunny