Meat-eaters use a number of reasons excuses for choosing to hurt animals.  Every single one of those reasons excuses, upon examination, can easily be determined to be completely invalid, unjustified, immoral, or untrue.

Amongst one of the more popular reasons excuses is the “Blaming Vegans” Excuse.  Also known as the “it’s all your fault” excuse.

Meat-eaters say things like, “Well, sometimes vegans are aggressive and judgemental, and that really turns me off on veganism and makes me not want to be vegan.

Let’s explore and examine that statement more closely.

What they are really saying is, “I am not accountable for my actions and choices.  I deny all responsibility for my behaviors.  I blame someone else for my choice to pay to have animals tortured and murdered so that I can eat their rotting corpses.  The fact is, I simply don’t want to be vegan.  I also don’t want to be responsible for not being vegan, so I’ll deny all responsibility for my choice and blame it all on you stupid vegans.”

Narcissism is technically a “personality disorder”… I argue that it is more like a mental disorder/illness.  Narcissists believe they are not responsible for their own behavior.  They blame someone else for their own mistakes, shortcomings, and faults.

Blaming vegans for your choice to hurt animals is irrational at best and a sign of mental illness at worst.

Wow!  We vegans sure do have a lot of POWER!  Just by the words we say, we can completely control whether or not everyone else eats and harms animals!

And it is all my fault, for being outraged by torture and murder of innocents, that everyone is still torturing and murdering!

Oh if only I would say the right words in the right tone of voice, you would be vegan!

But, no…. I say the wrong words in the wrong way and thereby literally force you to continue hurting animals.

Oh please, please, tell me the right words to say that will make you stop killing.

Apparently I am saying the wrong words in the wrong way and that is why the world isn’t vegan yet.

If only I were nice!  If I said nice words in a nice way, then you would become vegan right this moment.

Oh.  Is that all it takes?


Here goes…

Hello, you wonderful, beautiful human being!  You are so special and amazing!  I love you with all my heart.  Please, oh please will you consider maybe not hurting animals on Mondays?  Please?


You’re still not vegan?

But I was nice!

I wasn’t aggressive and I didn’t judge!

(This is where you now state some other reason excuse for not being vegan.  Something like, “we’re omnivores“, or “that’s what animals are for“, or “you are not 100% vegan, so why should I be?”, or some other kind of bullshit.)

Think about it… there are many, many really nice vegans out there talking about recipes and non-judgement, and baby-steps, and journeys… they tell animal-abusers all the time that it’s fine for them to make the choice to kill animals.  These nice vegans just want to be liked and they want to lead by example.  They think people will see how skinny, healthy, and happy they are and that will make people go vegan.  (As if there aren’t  millions of skinny, healthy-looking, happy meat-eaters out there!)

And these nice vegans love to criticize their own fellow-vegans (like me) who call people out on their bullshit and tell the truth about animal use.

So in addition to having meat-eaters blame vegans like me for their behavior, nice vegans also blame vegans like me for people’s behavior.

Come on people, grow up!

We are each responsible for our own actions, choices, and behavior.

STOP blaming vegans for people not being vegan.  Blaming vegans is completely irrational, narcissistic, and utterly ridiculous.

It’s the same as blaming abolitionists for plantation owners wanting to have slaves.   Imagine plantation owners saying, “Oh you abolitionists keep judging me and telling me I’m wrong for having slaves.  You’re rude to me.  Well, that doesn’t make me want to be an abolitionist.  It makes you abolitionists look bad.  You’re a bunch of rude, mean, aggressive, judgemental assholes.  You make me want to have slaves!  It’s all your fault!

Blaming vegans for making people want to kill animals is completely INSANE!

It is as simple as this- people simply do not want to be vegan.  They do not want to stop hurting animals.  But they are not capable of being responsible for their choice, so they blame vegans for making them want to kill animals.

I  N  S  A  N  E

~ Spunky Bunny