Here is a sentence I just came across on the internet: “How confrontational should animal activists be?

Here’s my question: How confrontational should human rights activists be?

The answer to both questions is exactly the same.

If you care about the victims, if you think the victims matter, if you think the victims’ lives have value… then obviously there is no limit to how confrontational someone fighting for the lives of those victims can be.

Would you be offended by a person being confrontational when trying to stop someone from molesting a child?  Nah… you would think that a confrontational person is a hero.

Would you be offended by a person being confrontational when trying to stop someone from torturing your neighbor?  Nah… you would think that a confrontational person is a hero.

Would you be offended by a person being confrontational when trying to stop someone from murdering your coworker?  Nah… you would think that a confrontational person is a hero.

But oh my god, someone is confrontational when trying to stop people from torturing and murdering animals and you get all bent out of shape.  Not only do you think that a confrontational animal activist is not a hero, but you are offended by them and you hate them.

The problem is not confrontational animal activists…

The problem is people who think animals aren’t worthy of confrontation on their behalf.

We need more confrontation from animal rights activists!  A whole lot more!

People need to see that there are many other people who believe in the basic rights of animals enough to confront those who are taking away animals’ rights.

Stop worshiping at the altar of humanity and believing that only humans are worthy of confrontation on their behalf.

The masses already don’t take animal rights issues seriously.  Confrontation is needed to jolt them awake.  Confrontation is needed to fight their massive brain washing.  Confrontation is needed to dig up their deeply entrenched prejudices against animals.

We’re fighting a status quo here!  Deeply entrenched prejudices, long-held traditions, and mass delusions cannot be torn apart without confrontation.

Prejudice against nonwhites, against women, against LGBTQs, etc… has always been fought with confrontation.  Using confrontation to fight prejudices against humans is considered socially acceptable.

So unless you are prejudice against animals, then you totally understand that using confrontation to fight prejudice against animals is not only acceptable, but necessary.

The world is not vegan.  Not even close.

Most vegans are scared to death to rock the boat… to be confrontational.  They risk being ostracized, ridiculed, and rejected.  They justifiably fear confronting people who hurt animals.  Since hurting animals is the norm and the status quo.

Meat-eaters, dairy-eaters, egg-eaters, hunters, ranchers, and breeders are confrontational toward us when we attempt to educate.  Even when we gently and politely try to educate them, they become hostile towards us.

The fight is two-sided.  My confronting words to animal-abusers are born from the violence they inflict upon the innocent, and from their hostility towards veganism and people who are vegans.

The polite acceptance of one’s right to hurt animals is clearly not working and it never will.

Confrontation is always used to fight injustice.  For example, the ultimate confrontation- war, was used to end slavery.

When humans are committing injustices, they do not normally (if ever) stop their cruel acts without confrontation.  It took confrontation to end slavery.  Women had to demand loudly and with confrontation in order to secure the right to vote.  Dictators who deny human rights are not stopped without confrontation.

Unfortunately, humans who are committing atrocities against animals believe they are doing nothing wrong!  Vegan education is largely ignored by the majority of the masses.  And a polite acceptance of their right to choose to hurt animals can only serve to reinforce their belief that they are doing nothing wrong.

Confronting openly, honestly, unapologetically, and strongly must be done.

Confrontation is not just automatically a bad thing.  It is confrontation that has stopped many injustices.  And it is confrontation that will continue to stop injustices.  The phrase “fight fire with fire” exists for a reason.

People can’t stand being confronted with the truth when the truth depicts them as the villain.

Not hurting animals by being vegan is much easier than constantly fighting your conscience that keeps trying to tell you that you are wrong for hurting and eating animals.

People need to grow up and admit when they are wrong.  (Yes, hurting animals is wrong.  I can’t believe I have to tell you that.)  First, admit you’ve been making a huge mistake by hurting animals, then be vegan from this moment forward.

Until the world stops torturing and murdering animals, there are those brave souls who will rightfully continue to confront the tormentors.

Confrontation is a natural product of injustice.  Where there is injustice, there will always be confrontation between those trying to end the injustice and those trying to perpetuate it.


Good people confront injustice.

Bad people ignore injustice or express a polite acceptance of it.

Vegans who express a polite acceptance of people’s right to choose to hurt animals, are seriously hurting the animal liberation movement.  It is wrong to condemn confrontational animal rights activists for the same reason it is wrong to condemn anyone else fighting to end any other kind of evil in the world.

Confrontation can take many forms- such as, speaking the truth passionately.  Or expressing outrage against brutal acts committed towards innocent, defenseless beings.  Or expressing profound anger in the face of prejudice.  Or openly condemning those who commit evil.  Confrontation can include profanity.  Confrontation can be anything from just words in an article, blog, or book, to an all-out war.

Animals deserve whatever confrontation it takes to get humans to finally leave them alone.

~ Spunky Bunny