Vegans should respect people’s choice to eat meat.”

Animal-eaters say it all the time.

Even some vegans think that vegans should respect people’s choice to eat meat!

If you agree, well, I’ve got news for you….

Any true vegan will never respect your choice to pay someone to torture and murder animals.


We don’t respect your choice to exploit the innocent.

We don’t respect your choice to cause horrific suffering and pain.

We don’t respect your choice to pay someone to commit heinous acts of violence against defenseless animals.

Don’t you get it?  You are choosing to hurt someone.  And you expect people to respect that?  What’s wrong with you?  Don’t you have basic decency?  Where’s your sense of right and wrong?  Have you no ethics?  Where’s your compassion for animals?  Where’s your respect for life?  Do you really, truly honestly believe that good people participate in systematic exploitation and violence?

And quit already with your ridiculous excuses for continuing to choose to hurt sweet, gentle, trusting, defenseless, sentient beings.  None of your excuses are valid.  They are all nothing more than mental gymnastics you use to ease your own guilty conscience.

Stop participating in the ruthless, merciless, fiendish, barbaric system called animal agriculture.

Get out now!… and become vegan this instant.  Don’t be a meat-eater, egg-eater, dairy-eater, fish-eater, breeder, hunter, rancher asshole for the rest of your life.

Become vegan now and I will get on my knees and bow to you with the utmost of respect.

~ Spunky Bunny