The vast majority of humans believe that humans are without a doubt, the absolutely most important thing in the universe.

I will state a fact that is completely irrefutable, undeniable, obvious, and self-evident.  The fact is exceedingly simple, and here it is- Humans require the natural world to exist, but the natural world does not require humans.

If humans as a species are smart enough to understand and accept that simple fact, then we could begin to transform our civilization into an enlightened one that always puts the needs of the natural world ahead of human needs.

Humans should respect the natural world and live in a way that allows it to remain intact in every way.  But instead, humans in all their delusional superiority, destroy the natural world, disrupt it, drive out wildlife, kill wildlife, ruin ecosystems, pollute, take animals from their natural environment, breed animals, torture animals, kill animals, kill, KILL, K I L L !!!!!!  Destroy, DESTROY, D E S T R O Y !!!!!!

If humans are so intelligent and so advanced, then they should be able to figure out how to live harmoniously as part of the natural world, instead of separate from and in opposition to the natural world.  Humans build artificial environments around themselves at the expense of every other living thing.  Humans don’t mind destroying ecosystems and killing other sentient beings in order to build their filthy cities.  They put their own selfish wants and desires above everything else in existence.  It’s a superiority complex and sense of entitlement that is so extreme it has to be literally psychopathic.

Humans are either incredibly stupid, or completely insane (or both).

They destroy the very thing they need to survive.

There should never be a human need, desire, or want that overrides the needs of the natural world.  For all life, including human life, depends on the natural world for its existence.

The superiority complex that poisons the human mind will be the ultimate cause of the end of every living thing on this planet.

Fuck you people who think you are superior to every other living thing and that your delusional superiority gives you the right to cause horrendous suffering and destruction.

Fuck you people who don’t give a crap about the natural world and the beautiful, precious animals who occupy it.

Fuck you people who think humans are so goddamed special.

Fuck you people and your amoral evangelizing about how to rationalize animal slaughter.

Fuck you people who won’t stop eating animals and forcing them into lives of pure hell and terrifying deaths.

I’m sick and tired of watching the insane and stupid human species destroy the planet I live on and the precious animals I love.

Go to hell, humanity.  The sooner the better.

~ Spunky Bunny