End Human Supremacism!

Spunky Bunny's Blog about Veganism, Total Animal Liberation, Animal Rights, & the End of Human Supremacism



Hello Dear Reader,

Welcome to my blog where I strongly express radical ideas that contradict, criticize, and denounce the mainstream status quo.

I can clearly see there is something horribly wrong with the human species.  Humans are causing the Sixth Mass Extinction on planet earth- the biological annihilation of wildlife and ecosystems.  And if that’s not bad enough, humans engage in the abomination of nature that is the systematic torture and murder of trillions of our fellow earthlings (animals).

Yet the vast majority of humans are completely blind to it and think everything is just fine.

Humans feel superior to animals and to nature and feel entitled to dominate, control, torture, murder, destroy, and consume.

It is a lie that humans are superior to animals.

It is a lie that humans are entitled to dominate, control, torture, murder, and consume animals.

It is a lie that humans are natural carnivores or omnivores.

Here on my blog, I have the decency to not lie to you.  I will tell the truth… even when the truth is ugly or uncomfortable.

I will not politely accept your choice to hurt animals and this Earth.  I will not be “nice” while you torture and murder animals.  I will call you out on your vile behavior towards animals and confront your actions that are hurting innocent beings.

Humans are waging war on animals, ecosystems, the natural world, wildlife, and even each other.  I will not let the animals down.  I will FIGHT you any way I can.  You will hear fighting words on this blog.  You will not continue to destroy everything I love without hearing my outrage, protests, and confrontation.

If you are looking for vegans who express polite acceptance of your choice to inflict cruelty onto animals, look elsewhere.

I stand up and fight for the animals…

… against the humans who torture and murder them.

Yes.  I am SpunkyBunny.

~ Spunky Bunny




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