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Click HERE for a pdf showing incontrovertible proof that humans are not omnivores: comparative-anatomy


Humans are not real carnivores or omnivores.

Real carnivores and omnivores have the ability to catch wild, free-running prey with their claws and teeth.  Humans can’t do that.


Real carnivores and omnivores always eat the raw intestines and contents of the stomach first since that is where most of the nutrients are.  Humans don’t do that.

Real carnivores and omnivores eat their prey raw.  Humans don’t do that.

Real carnivores and omnivores don’t use cooking, seasoning, and sauces to cover up and change the  real taste of the meat.

Real carnivores and omnivores teach their young to hunt and kill.  When was the last time you saw a mother show her little four-year-old daughter how to chase, catch, and rip open a kitten’s neck with her teeth?  Such a thing could only be in horror movies.


School children don’t take field trips to the kill-floors of slaughterhouses because we all know that would traumatize them.  Heck, it would traumatize the vast majority of adults!

Humans are naturally repulsed by the sight of blood and the goriness of killing.  That’s why we make horror movies out of such things.

For a real carnivore or omnivore, a brutal, violent, bloody killing would be lunch in the park, not a horror movie.


Isn’t it time humans, with all their supposed smarts, learn what kind of species we really are?  A basic study of biology, anatomy, taxonomy, and physiology, beyond a shadow of a doubt, proves we are scientifically classified as frugivores… not carnivores or omnivores.


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